Live Streamed Quarantine Concerts

The Rialto Square Theatre Concerts on the Barton Grande Theatre Pipe Organ

The VenuWorks-managed Rialto Square Theatre hosted “Quarantine Concerts” series that started on Friday, April 24, 2020 from 12-12:30pm. The series was composed of recurring Friday noontime concerts on the Barton Grande Theatre Pipe Organ. Concerts went through the end of May 2020 and were live-streamed via the Rialto’s Facebook page (

The concert series featured various organists including those involved in in JATOE, the Joliet Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts ( The live-streamed concerts were absolutely free to all patrons. Please consider donating to our 1926 Campaign at

Quarantine Concert #7: Feat. Dennis Nawracaj

Quarantine Concert #6: Feat. Carl DeSanti

Quarantine Concert #5: Feat. Taylor Trimby

Quarantine Concert #4: Feat. Jim Patak

Quarantine Concert #3: Feat. Judy Matarelli

Quarantine Concert 2: Feat. Beverly Holt

Quarantine Concert 1: Feat. Frank Pellico