Box office

Two Easy Ways to Order Tickets!

rialto Box office

Tickets In Person

Buy tickets in person at the Rialto Box Office with NO Handling Fees

102 N. Chicago Street
Joliet, IL

Mon. -Fri. 12pm – 4:30pm

(Times may change so please call before you come)

Rialto Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be purchased in person at the Rialto Box Office.

Available amounts
$25 – $50 – $75 – $100

Please note: Rialto Gift Cards can only be redeemed in person at the Rialto Box Office.


Tickets Online

Purchase online at

If buying tickets online make sure that you are actually ordering through our Rialto Ticketmaster page at the link above, Ticketmaster is our only authorized online ticket seller. The Rialto Square Theatre does not endorse any third party ticket resellers. Unfortunately, if a ticket is purchased via a third party reseller, we have no way to assist you should any problems arise, such as lost tickets or refunds for a cancelled event. Also, our ticketing system only recognizes tickets that have been purchased directly through Ticketmaster.  A ticket purchased via a third party reseller may not ultimately be a valid ticket.

Third Party Tickets

Beware of Third-Party Tickets Brokers

The Rialto Square Theatre wants to warn ticket buyers to beware when purchasing tickets through third party ticket brokers. Don’t be deceived by third party ticket resellers charging inflated prices for tickets to Rialto Square Theatre events.

suite life

Enhance Your Rialto Square Theatre Experience

The Rialto Square Suite Life is a service upgrade which can be purchased in addition to your ticket regardless of your seat location!

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