6:00pm to 11:00pm
(check-in 5:45pm-6:00pm)
Investigations start promptly at 6:00pm.

Enter at 121 N. Scott Street- backstage Entrance
Doors will be locked.

Paranormal Tours

Take part in a paranormal investigation with the TIPS expert paranormal team. (bio below)

Experience how gadgets & props are used to entice our ghostly friends to communicate.  This is for the curious patron ready to take the next steps towards investigating.

Rialto Square Theatre investigation with The Illinois Paranormalists
The Illinois Paranormalists (TIP) investigators are experienced ghost hunters with years of experience investigating the paranormal. We came together, in early 2014, to form TIP because of our desire to have our own club where we could conduct professional investigations but have fun doing so. TIP has all state-of-the-art equipment that we believe provides the best possible experience investigating the paranormal.
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What to Expect
Participants can expect an interesting and fun night investigating the spirits at the beautiful Rialto Square Theatre. We will divide participants into three groups and each group will have two TIP investigators with them. The investigators will take each group to the “hotspots” in the Rialto and will do a typical investigation session in each spot. We will also explain what the claims are for that area of the Rialto and what techniques we are using. We encourage participants to take part in EVP sessions and to ask questions. The last session will be a “ghost box” session in the auditorium where we hope the spirits will communicate with us directly. TIP wants this to be both an informative and fun experience. Although, we cannot guarantee ghosts, because they make themselves known when they want to!

What to Bring
First and foremost bring an open mind and your curiosity. It helps to “open yourself up to the possibilities” of there being spirits. Please have questions in mind for both the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and ghost box sessions. As far as equipment we welcome any ghost hunting equipment you may have including cameras and recorders. We have a limited amount of ghost hunting equipment which may be checked out with your ID. A small flashlight is recommended. Large flashlights tend to blind those around you. Digital recorders are highly recommended for all EVP sessions. Please let us know if you have recorded anything when you get home ( You may wish to bring water and a few snacks for break times. However be aware the Rialto is an historic building and you must not spill or litter the building. Absolutely no alcohol or smoking will be allowed.

What to bring checklist:
____Small Flashlight
____Audio Recording Device
____Comfortable Shoes
____Snacks for yourself

Other helpful info:
• Please be respectful of both your fellow ghost hunters and the spirits at all times. The spirits at the Rialto do not need to be provoked. We will not tolerate disrespect of others or the spirits.

• Don't wear perfume or cologne, they may mask the scents and smells when there is reported ghost activity.

• Clean your camera lenses to be sure there are no smudges, lint or dust specs and always be aware of where your fingers are when taking photos(removing camera straps and attached lens covers is recommended).


Cost is $40 per person

Min. number of attendees to hold an investigation: 20

Max number of attendees: 24


For tickets please call the Box Office at



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April 17, 2015
May 23, 2015 (Soldout)
July 24, 2015
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